We can help with any kind of heat range:

0℃ - 25℃

Climate Control

A Skyven system can provide all the heat needed to power an absorption chiller to keep your facilities as cold as needed.

25℃ - 100℃

Space & Water Heating

The Skyven system can provide the heat energy for space heating in cooler climates and low heat applications for processes like pasteurization, washing, and more.


100℃ - 250℃

Process Heating

The Skyven system is especially efficient at providing heat for manufacturing processes for plastics, textiles, chemicals, food, beverages, and brick curing as well.

250℃ - 350℃

Utility & Heavy Processing

The Skyven system can be scaled to provide utility scale energy for electric steam turbines. Light metal refining and mining ore processing that require high levels of heat.


Potential Users