Skyven Technologies Featured as Texas Success Story

Dallas, TX – Skyven Technologies was featured as a Texas success story at EarthX E-Capital Summit 2018 in Dallas earlier this month. The summit brought together foundations, family offices, philanthropists, incubators, national laboratories, and cutting-edge clean technology companies to form new relationships and partnerships to accelerate our future economy.

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Arun Gupta, PhD, CEO and Founder of Skyven Technologies presented on stage to over 40 cleantech investors. "I was honored and thrilled to present Skyven’s zero-fuel zero-emissions thermal energy solution to a terrific audience of prominent cleantech investors" – said Dr. Gupta. “Our Intelligent Mirror Array technology raises the temperature of the sun’s heat by concentrating sunlight. We work with our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and save them money” – he added.

E-Capital Summit was part of the world’s largest environmental expo, conference and film festival from April 13-22, 2018, at locations throughout Dallas, organized by Texas-based nonprofit EarthX.  The seventh annual event attracted more than 100,000 people to experience new exhibits, programs, films, and educational opportunities, as well as provided new conferences and events to engage the business community. 

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Skyven Technologies revolutionizes industrial heat with the support of the National Science Foundation

Dallas, TX, January 9, 2018 – Skyven Technologies has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for $225,000 to conduct research and development (R&D) work on a game changing zero fuel heat technology.

Skyven's revolutionary distributed energy technology diversifies the way factories produce heat. Skyven’s Intelligent Mirror Array (IMA™) technology saves money, increases reliability and reduces GHG emissions. Instead of relying solely on expensive petroleum products to fuel their boilers, Skyven’s industrial customers capture heat from the sun. Skyven strives to address the heating needs of industrial applications in remote and rural areas and in developing countries. 

 “The National Science Foundation supports small businesses with the most innovative, cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to become great commercial successes and make huge societal impacts,” said Barry Johnson, Director of the NSF’s Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships. “We hope that this seed funding will spark solutions to some of the most important challenges of our time across all areas of science and technology.”

“I’m thankful for the recognition of the National Science Foundation,” said Arun Gupta, CEO of Skyven Technologies. “Our technology proves that industrial applications don’t have to rely on fossil fuels to produce heat. NSF supports companies that strive to change the status quo and revolutionize global markets. I’m happy our IMA™ technology has been recognized as transformative and groundbreaking. Skyven will enable zero fuel heating in industrial applications.”

About Skyven:
Skyven is pioneering a distributed energy solution for industrial heating, our patented technology utilizes cutting edge heating techniques to power industrial operations with the sun, save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.

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About the National Science Foundation's Small Business Programs:
The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards roughly $200 million annually to startups and small businesses through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, transforming scientific discovery into products and services with commercial and societal impact.

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Skyven in the final cohort of a nationwide climate economy program

Burlington, VT, December 5, 2017

Skyven Technologies LLC, a Dallas-based renewable energy company specializing in zero-fuel industrial heat, was chosen to the final cohort of Accel-VT, a business accelerator for climate economy entrepreneurs. Accel-VT cohort members were selected based on their ability to help solve one of the most pressing renewable energy development issues facing the US.

The climate economy creates on opportunity to accelerate economic development in the US and globally. The undesirable fact that climate change will have a large effect on the way we all live our lives and how we interact with each other has created an opportunity for innovative entrepreneurs to develop products and services that aim to mitigate the risks and deal with the consequences of climate change.

Accel-VT, run by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, is a Vermont-sponsored initiative to tap into that opportunity. Eight companies from six states were selected to take part in this Burlington-based clean technology program aimed at expanding the cluster of entrepreneurs committed to climate economy innovation.

“We are happy to be part of this prestigious program that showcases Vermont’s commitment to climate economy. Accel-VT is an outstanding initiative that helps grow sustainable businesses solutions with a global impact” – said Arun Gupta, Founder and CEO of Skyven Technologies.

“Skyven stands out as a leading distributed heat solution that makes a strong business case, reduces industry’s impact on the environment and empowers people through sustainable technology advancement” – said Geoff Robertson, Director of Business Assistance at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

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Skyven Technologies awarded $1 million grand prize in New York's 76West competition

Binghamton, NY, August 16, 2017

Today, Skyven Technologies LLC, a Dallas-based renewable energy company specializing in fuel-less industrial heat, was awarded the $1 million grand prize in New York State’s 76West Clean Energy Competition.  

After two exciting rounds of on-stage pitching in front of an expert panel of judges, 15 semi-finalists were narrowed down to six awardees. With a grand prize of $1 million, second prize of $500,000, and four runner-up prizes of $250,000, Skyven claimed the top honor.

Central to Skyven’s pitch is its Intelligent Mirror Array (IMA™), a technology which produces industrial heat without the need to burn fuel. It does this by sourcing heat directly from the sun and then raising the temperature as high as 400°F. Large amounts of industrial heat are required to manufacture common everyday items such as food and clothing. In addition to cost savings and emissions reductions, Skyven has the potential to leapfrog natural gas pipelines in the same way that cell phones have leapfrogged landlines.

“We’re honored to be chosen for this award, especially among a field of so many highly-qualified competitors,” said Dr. Arun Gupta, founder of Skyven Technologies. “The prize money will enable us to have greater impact in the fight against climate change while growing a vibrant business. We’re thrilled to have Governor Cuomo’s support.”

New York State’s 76West Clean Energy Competition is one of the largest competitions in the country that focuses on supporting clean-energy businesses. It is administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

“The 76West Competition is a vital component of Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading energy agenda by bringing innovative clean energy companies to New York’s Southern Tier joining the region’s already robust growing cleantech economy,” said NYSERDA President and CEO Alicia Barton. “We are thrilled that Skyven Technologies will be joining this vibrant ecosystem and congratulate them in winning the competition.”

Skyven’s plan is to bring economic growth to New York’s Southern Tier through manufacturing and research and development. The plan also includes the deployment of IMA™ technology to bring a low-cost, high temperature heat source to areas of the Southern Tier outside of pipeline coverage, breaking down a key barrier to economic development.

Other awardees include three New York companies and a company from Pennsylvania and one from California: SunTegra with a solar roofing product, Biological Energy with a solution to reduce energy use in wastewater treatment, SolarKal with a solar brokerage service, EthosGen with a solution to turn waste heat into electric power, and Visolis which produces high-value chemicals from biomass.

NYSERDA's Press Release: Governor Cuomo Announces Winners of 76West Clean Energy Competition

Skyven's CEO and Founder Dr. Arun Gupta at the 76West Finals. Photo credit Allison Usavage.

Skyven's CEO and Founder Dr. Arun Gupta at the 76West Finals. Photo credit Allison Usavage.

Skyven Attracts Attention of Investors in China through Blackstone Launchpad

By Naveen Jindal School of Management for Dallas Innovates

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Walter Voit is a serial inventor with more ideas than time to execute them. Voit, an associate professor in material science engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas, started his first company a decade ago when he was a grad student at UT Dallas.

This spring, Voit and his company, Adaptive 3D Technologies, came in first place in the Advanced Manufacturing and New Materials category at the U.S. China Innovation and Investment Summit held in in May in Houston.

The result: Voit will be traveling to China to meet with investors and prospective partners to seek additional support for his product, specialty polymer resins that enable companies to use 3D printers to create products with superior properties. Voit is the founder and CEO of Adaptive 3D.


Assistant professor Dr. Walter Voit BS’05, MS’06, fist-bumped Dr. Jonathan Reeder PhD’16, materials science and engineering.
[Photos: Courtesy of UTD]


Great products star in any startup. However, the support Adaptive 3D got from the recently opened Blackstone LaunchPad at UT Dallas certainly helped.

“Through the support of Blackstone … we have been able to hire more than a dozen former students from UT Dallas,” Voit says.

Two of those students, Zach Reagan and Charles Smith, work at Adaptive 3D now. Both are completing their MBAs this year at UT Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management.

“My focus in the MBA program is innovation and entrepreneurship,” says Reagan, who also earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at UT Dallas. “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but from a very young age, I assumed I’d be an ‘inventor.’ … Being on the employee side (at Adaptive 3D) will be really helpful for me to know what to expect when I’m the founder of a startup. In the meantime, I greatly prefer to work for a smaller company centered around science and technology.”

Smith performs market analysis related to new product development for Adaptive 3D.

“I’ll admit that I don’t believe my current position fits in with my previous interest in entrepreneurship,” Smith says. “But the experience has affirmed my expectations about the challenges of starting and running a small business from the ground up.”


“Starting a business is incredibly challenging,” says Bryan Chambers, the Blackstone LaunchPad director.

“One of the most valuable experiences a student or future entrepreneur can do is work for a startup. This provides real insights about how competitive the startup environment is and helps workers understand how to cope with unpredictable and extreme work environments. More times than not, team members have to wear many hats and learn new tasks and skills that were not expected.”

“With China, patience is most important to building successful relationships — it’s a big strategy, and it’s very complex.”

Blackstone LaunchPad helped Voit sharpen his presentation and pitch for the Houston event. “We’re here to help create results and produce outcomes,” says Bryan Chambers, the Blackstone LaunchPad director.

Chambers has less to do with production of new products and ideas and more with helping entrepreneurs execute their strategies.

“With China, patience is most important to building successful relationships — it’s a big strategy, and it’s very complex,” he says.


Arun Gupta, PhD is another entrepreneur headed to China because of his company’s outstanding performance in the Renewable Energy and Clean Tech competition at the same Houston summit.

Gupta’s Dallas-based company, Skyven, uses proprietary Intelligent Mirror Array technology that concentrates sunlight to produce very high heat with high efficiency. For manufacturing and large commercial applications, the cost benefits can be significant.

“Skyven is an opportunity to maximize impact on three of [humankind’s greatest] problems — poverty, health and climate change.”

Like Voit, Gupta has been in the innovation space for a long time — both in corporate research with Texas Instruments and Medtronic — and on his own perfecting the mirror array technology.

“I’m driven to do everything in my power to help solve some of humankind’s greatest problems. Skyven is an opportunity to maximize impact on three of those problems — poverty, health and climate change.”

Chambers found out about Skyven through the UT Dallas Seed Fund. Then, through Earth Day Texas, he was able to recruit Skyven.

“Gupta and Skyven’s relation with Blackstone LaunchPad is just beginning but we’re glad we can make an impact,” Chambers says.

“The China trip has the potential to be a game-changer,” Gupta says, “because China has a huge need for innovative, renewable energy technologies such as ours.”

“Industrial customers in many parts of China do not have access to inexpensive natural gas and are burning costly, dirty fuels, such as heavy oil. Skyven has the potential to make an impact on both fronts.”

“China is suffocating from a massive pollution problem, one that is affecting the health and quality of life of its citizens. Furthermore, industrial customers in many parts of China do not have access to inexpensive natural gas and are burning costly, dirty fuels, such as heavy oil. Skyven has the potential to make an impact on both fronts.”

Voit is eager for the upcoming trip.

“The trip to China will fulfill a strategic part of our manufacturing strategy and begin to develop what we hope are lifelong relationships with great partners in China who will work with us to bring exciting products to the marketplace,” Voit says.

“It was daunting to enter into Asia for the first time in one of our other businesses, and we never quite figured out how to do it well. I am hopeful that this pathway to unlock great partners in China will prove to be a successful strategy.”


A third Blackstone LaunchPad winner, Blake Teipel, president and CTO of Essentium, which develops advancements in materials science to improve existing products, also is headed to China after performing well in Houston.

Teipel works with the Blackstone LaunchPad office at Texas A&M University in College Station. Chambers says one of the goals of the organization, with 18 additional participating campuses worldwide, is to foster innovative networking and cross-campus collaborations.

The Houston event and subsequent trip to China to meet with potential investors will be an “eye-opening experience for our participants,” Chambers says.

“These are potentially life-altering business opportunities.”