Investors’ Innovation Expo Adds Green to Earth Day Texas

by Dave Moore, Dallas Innovates

March 8, 2017

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Among those innovators will be Arun K. Gupta, CEO and founder of downtown Dallas-based Skyven — whose technology concentrates the sun’s heat for use in manufacturing. Gupta got a feeling for what to expect when he exhibited Skyven tech at last year’s Earth Day Texas event.

Gupta said his exhibit drew attention from both domestic and international investors.

“I connected with a customer in Asia, with a couple potential customers in California, and a few in Dallas,” said Gupta, who indicated that contacts could generate more than $100 million in work for his company, which is still developing the technology toward implementation. “The great thing about Earth Day Texas is that they bring in so many people, but also exhibitors and a lot of potential commercial and industrial customers. Green energy is already a priority for many of them. So, it’s mutually beneficial.”

Attendance at Earth Day Texas 2017 – billed as the largest Earth Day festival in the United States – is expected to exceed last year’s turnout of more than 130,000.

Gupta added that last year’s Earth Day Texas event gave him insights into his potential marketplaces: his potential client in Asia spoke of trouble the company was having accessing traditional energy and fuel sources; his potential California customers, meanwhile, told him they face increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

Those encounters reinforced for Gupta the notion that companies in the future will rely on multiple green-energy solutions.