At Skyven, we recognize the transition to fossil fuel independence won’t happen overnight. So what can we do?



Thermal Re-Injection™
The Energy Efficiency Solution

Skyven starts the journey to reducing fuel consumption through energy efficiency measures enabled by the Thermal RE-Injection system, taking high-value low temperature heat escaping the plant, and using it to power input heat streams. By adding BTU meters to the equipement, Skyven is able to measure precisely how the system is performing, predict downturns, and ensure energy reliability. By reducing the overall BTUs of new fuel burned, facilities can improve the economic efficiency of their infrastructure and lower their carbon emissions simultaneously.



Intelligent Heat Recovery
Captures high value low temperature heat escaping from cooling towers and boiler exhaust and re-injects that heat back into the plant

Ultra Simplicity
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The Power of Data
Artificially intelligent monitoring and predictive analytics ensures reliability, providing peace of mind

Direct Fuel Cost
Each BTU of recovered heat is one less BTU of new fuel burned.



Intelligent Mirror Array (IMA™)
The Renewable Solution

When the sun is shining, the Skyven system will accommodate part of your facility's heat needs by concentrating the sun's energy into a closed, controllable piping network that is routed through your existing plumbing system. Extra heat will be stored in on-site hot water tanks. A real-time internet-based monitoring system will track all activity. When the sun is not shining, your facility will seamlessly draw from traditional energy sources.



A Skyven heating system allows you to draw your energy from the most reliable source on the planet without cost: the sun. But it does not entirely replace traditional energy sources, integrating with your facility’s existing utility infrastructure to ensure your facility is never without heat.

The system installs just like a conventional PV panel using similar racking structures and mounting procedures. Building on the practices of the PV installation industry we can push that savings on to you.

With renewable process heating, say goodbye to your fuel costs. Lower your heating bills for propane, fuel oil, and other non-renewable sources.



Skyven’s solutions reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%



How It Works


Smart Assessment

A simple 1 hr phone call to provide a complete thermal load analysis.

Detailed Planning

Comprehensive design package outlining the optimal solution for your demand.

Project Implementation

From ideation to commissioning, Skyven provides turnkey solutions complete with careful system monitoring and maintenance coverage.