At Skyven Technologies, we are committed to arming manufacturers with innovative solutions for process heat, bringing a future of resilience and sustainability through reduced fuel dependency, greater cost savings, and cleaner air.


Transforming markets to clean thermal energy requires cutting edge technologies to provide cheap, secure, and risk-free heat supply – and we’ve got the solution.


Thermal RE-Injection™

combines artificially intelligent monitoring and control with cutting-edge energy efficiency systems to dramatically reduce fuel consumption. It captures high value low temperature heat escaping the plant from cooling towers and boiler exhaust and re-injects that heat back into the plant. Each BTU of recovered heat is one less BTU of new fuel burned

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Intelligent Mirror Array™

an array of solar collectors that concentrate thermal energy in a process that gives the output of 30 suns. Heat is produced safely and reliably at temperatures up to 400°F

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Skyven cuts fuel use in large-scale applications across multiple industries driving boilers, chillers, dryers and compressors to heat thermal processes across the plant


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